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More Information


South Shields 204


South Shields 204
(CU 3593)

Chassis: Karrier E4 (two axle)
Chassis No. 30005
Motor : Metropolitan Vickers Type 202 (80hp)
Bodywork: Weymann H29/26R
Length 26ft 0in, Width 7ft 6in.
Body Number 5326
Unladen Weight : 6 tons 8 cwts 2qtr
Entered Service : 30 April 1937
Withdrawn : February 1963

Brief History

The South Shields trolleybus system was inaugurated on 12 October 1936 when four Karrier E4 trolleybuses with Weymann H56R bodywork entered service between Market Place and Freemantle Road. The trolleybus service proved extremely popular and a further four similar vehicles were purchased in 1937 to replace trams on the Stanhope Road service, of which 204 was the first of the second batch of vehicles. The only difference was that the second batch of vehicles had one less seat on the upper deck than the original four.

204 entered service on 30 April 1937. In 1950 a route number box was provided alongside the front ultimate destination indicator, ready for the introduction of route numbers. Other than that 204 had a remarkably uneventful 26 years in service.

The Reading Transport Society had made enquiries regarding the purchase of 200 for preservation. The South Shields Transport Committee agreed to make a gift of the vehicle to the Society. Unfortunately 200 was damaged in an accident inside Chichester depot and 204, withdrawn in February 1963, was provided as a substitute vehicle.

204 was kept in outside storage in Reading during the early years and like Reading 113 the bodywork deteriorated badly. Following its transfer to Sandtoft in 1970, 204 has been kept under cover waiting patiently for her turn to be restored. A major body rebuild costing lots of money commenced in 2001 and a thoroughly professional job was carried out at Sandtoft by a team led by Brian Maguire - click here to see some photographs of 204's restoration. Much of the money to finance the rebuild came from the BTS membership following a number of appeals.

In May 2005, 204 entered service at Sandtoft looking absolutely magnificent. 204 is the only Karrier E4 and also the only South Shields trolleybus in preservation.

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