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Modern Trolleybus Systems

There are around 350 trolleybus systems world-wide. That's as many as there are street tramways! This fact astounds most people who have never seen a modern trolleybus system, and therefore think they are defunct. However, many of them are in the former Eastern Bloc countries, so the chances of coming across one whilst on holiday is quite small.

However, a good many major cities around the world operate trolleybus systems, including Vancouver, San Francisco, Geneva, Lyon, Salzburg, Athens, Beijing and St Petersburg. In many of these places, the trolleybus is the backbone of the public transport system.

New networks are being constructed or proposed all the time - the Italian systems in Lecce and Rome, for example, have been introduced in recent years. More and more, environmentally friendly electric trolleybuses are being acknowledged as an efficient, clean and popular choice for public transport. Many are now built with a small battery that allows operation away from the overhead wires and so increasingly trolleybus systems are being expanded with minimal or no additional overhead required.

This page will become an entry point to various modern systems and other web sites showing modern systems.

For starters here are some links which show trolleybuses operating in very recent years, and also statistics of the spread of systems around the world: and

A new system in Castellón, Spain, seen during construction in December 2007

Czech Republic - Mariánské Lázne

A petition to take the reintroduction of trolleybuses in the UK seriously ran through 2007. It closed with 1788 signatures. - photographs of current trolleybus systems, mainly in Eastern Europe - seems to be temporarily unavailable.

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