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Aachen 22 - Click for larger image

Aachen 22

Chassis: Henschel 562E SSW (3 axle)
Motor : Siemens
Bodywork : Ludewig RB61T
Length 40ft, Width 8ft
Unladen Weight : 9 tons
Entered Service : 1956
Withdrawn : 10 October 1972

Brief History

Aachen 22 has a Henschel 562E chassis, a Ludewig one-and-half-deck body and Siemens electrical equipment, as did nine similar vehicles for Osnabruck. There had only ever been twelve built new, all in 1956, the other two for Wuppertal having Krupp chassis. Additionally, 16 older chassis were rebodied as one-and-half-deckers, making a total of 28.

Aachen had a single trolleybus route of 20 kilometres which operated from 1944 until 1974. By the time number 22 was withdrawn on 10 October 1972 it was the only one-and-a-half deck trolleybus in service anywhere.

The project to preserve this vehicle followed a discussion between Dave Chick and the late Gert Aberson in 1972. Several more typical German trolleybuses had already been preserved and the unusual 22 would be an exotic addition to the preserved fleet at Sandtoft.

Gert corresponded with the operator, which offered to donate the vehicle to the British Trolleybus Society. Upon arrival in this country, 22 was accommodated in the Great Yarmouth Corporation bus depot before transferring to Carlton Colville for a few more weeks until a towing vehicle was available for the final move to Sandtoft on 20 May 1973, where the vehicle remains.

Dave Chick continued to be the sole sponsor for twenty-five years and 22 is now funded by a group of members through the Sponsor-trolley scheme.

Major restoration work is required before it can return to public service at Sandtoft. The project will commence once sufficient funds have been built up.

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