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The British Trolleybus Society's Preserved Fleet

Some of the BTS Fleet on DisplayThe BTS owns 13 trolleybuses, one motorbus and a horse-drawn tower wagon.

The photograph shows a line up of six of our vehicles at Sandtoft, details of these and the rest of our fleet can be found by clicking on the vehicle's photograph in the table below.

Within the information about each of our vehicles you will find a summary of its technical specification, where and when it operated, and its current restoration status.


Bournemouth 301

Bournemouth 301 Sunbeam MF2B with Weymann H65D bodywork built 1962 Restored
Reading 113 Reading 113 AEC 661T with Park Royal H56R bodywork built late 1938 Fully Restored
South Shields 204 South Shields 204 Karrier F4 with Weymann H55R bodywork built in 1937

Fully Restored, You can view some photographs of 204's restoration here.

Cardiff 203 Cardiff 203 AEC 664T with Northern Counties H70R bodywork built in 1942 Fully Restored.
Bournemouth 99 Sunbeam MS2 with Park Royal H56D bodywork built in 1935 Although restored and operable from 2003, 99 was taken out of service after the Southern Trolleybus Event in May 2007 for some further restoration work to be done. There are some photographs of 99's restoration here.
Glasgow TB78 Glasgow TB78 BUT 9613T with Crossley H71R bodywork built in 1958 Fully Restored
Huddersfield 631 Huddersfield 631 Sunbeam S7 with East Lancs H72R bodywork built in 1959 Restored at Thamesdown Transport in Swindon.
Walsall 342 Walsall 342 Sunbeam F4 with Brush H65R bodywork built in 1951 Currently stored near Sandtoft awaiting restoration.
Walsall 872 Walsall 872 Sunbeam F4A with Willowbrook H70RD bodywork built in 1956 The bodywork was restored by Thamesdown Transport in Swindon and 872 re-entered service at Sandtoft in 2017.
London 1812 London 1812 BUT 9614T (Q1) with MCW H70R bodywork built in 1948 Fully Restored. Currently stored in Reading pending a mechanical overhaul. Due to return to Sandtoft in 2021.
Aachen 22 Aachen 22 Henschel 562E-SSW with Ludewig RB61T bodywork built in 1956 Awaiting Restoration.
Mexborough & Swinton 34 Mexborough & Swinton 34 Garrett ‘O’ with Garrett BxxC bodywork built in 1927 Awaiting Restoration
Manchester 1344 Manchester 1344 B.U.T 9612T with Burlingham bodywork built in 1955 Fully Restored

Other Vehicles

Reading 47 Motorbus Reading 47 Motorbus AEC Regent with Park Royal L52R bodywork built in 1935 Restored, with current MOT and road tax
'William' Tower Wagon 'William' Tower Wagon Blackwell & Co. horse-drawn tower wagon dating from 1902 The wooden wheels have been refurbished and it is hoped to start restoration on the main bodywork in the near future.


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